Relax Smartpillow

Your personal coach for better sleep

Just imagine if your pillow could think for itself!

47 %* of the population experience problems sleeping and 69 %** say that they wake anything up to four times every night.

In a world that is getting ever faster and smarter, Centa-Star’s R&D department now presents its latest innovation in cooperation with ADVANSA: Relax Smartpillow, the first smart pillow that helps people to improve their sleep quality.

A mini sensor built into the pillow tracks all your movements while you sleep, your sleep stages (light sleep, deep sleep) and the noise level of your surroundings during the night and records the information.

This consolidated data are synced to an app especially developed for this purpose, on your smartphone or tablet, where they are analysed and processed into tips and recommendations as to how your can improve the quality of your sleep.

A reliable technology – engineered by sleep experts

The Relax Smartpillow was developed in cooperation with the French Centre d‘Etude et de Recherche d’Evaluation de la Vigilance et du Sommeil (CEREVS) in Nancy that has gained a reputation in the treatment of sleep disorders.

* Source: INPES (French Institute for Prevention and Health Education)

** Source: INSV (French Institute for the Promotion of Sleep and Research of Sleep Disorders)

All advantages at a glance


Your digital sleep monitor and coach


Analyses your sleep


Built-in alarm to wake you gently


Easy, safe and comfortable – with intuitive use


Alluringly soft, snuggly and easy care

Due to thousands of soft and snuggly fibre balls, the Relax Smartpillow moulds to the contours of your head and neck to give you comfortable support throughout the night. The fibre balls were engineered specifically to prevent clumping or matting.

If you regularly shake up the pillow, it will keep its shape and original volume for many years. The electronic sensor is located in a small pocket inside the pillow, so that you won’t feel it while you sleep or have your comfort impaired. The Relax Smartpillow can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle wash cycle at 40°C and a spin speed of up to 900 rpm. It is NOT tumble dryer safe (please observe manufacturer’s notes).

The Relax Smartpillow at a glance

The aim

Offer people individual sleep coaching to improve their sleep quality for more power and less tiredness during the day.

A true coach

The data which the Relax Smartpillow records night after night are not only aggregated for analysis, but also fed into a consolidated database of all users and other sources for (anonymous) comparisons. Based on research findings from sleep laboratories, the analysis of data make it possible to identify sleep disorders and their causes over time. Far from being a technical gimmick, the Relax Smartpillow offers customised and useful recommendations and tips on improving your sleep.

Optimal wakening

For a fresh and energetic start to the day, the Relax Smartpillow will wake you up at the best time within a time frame specified by you.

Intuitive use

The Relax Smartpillow has all the technology required, with no need for any additional hardware in your bed or bedroom.

A good night’s sleep for the entire family

If your children also use a Relax Smartpillow, you can easily check with the smartphone app whether they are sleeping soundly – without having to enter their bedroom. You can measure their sleep parameters, optimise the time when they are woken up and get personal sleep tips for each child.

This is what the inside of your Relax Smartpillow looks like

The Relax Smartpillow is 100% safe

The electronic sensor does not emit any radiation and you can can set your smartphone to airplane mode. It is only when you wake up and activate your smartphone that the data recorded during the night will be synced to your phone via low-energy radio waves. The emissions generated during this process are minimal and far lower than those from a WLAN.

Better sleep at the touch of a button

The Relax Smartpillow captures and analyses enough data to be able to start making a difference after just a few nights. The app will tell you your ideal bedtime and will wake you up at the perfect time within a time frame specified by you in advance. It also offers many more tips and recommendations on how to optimise your sleep, which, over time, will be tailored ever more specifically to you as the data collection of your sleep patterns grows.

A very special high-tech fibre pillow

The Relax Smartpillow: a true sleep coach

The features of the Relax Smartpillow appBasic appPremium app (paid version)
Alarm functionNN
Course of all nightsNN
Details of every nightNN
Detailed sleep analysisKN
Sleep coach feature with individual sleep tipsKN

Relax Smartpillow

  • Casing:Super fine CottonTEX maco percale (100 % cotton) quilted with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation microfibre fleece (100 % polyester)
  • Filling:ADVANSA Eco hollow fibre balls (100 % polyester)
  • Finishing:Casing with zipper, can be refilled, sensor, free basic app for Android and iOS included
  • Washable up to 40°C (with sensor)


The Relax Smartpillow: an innovation by Centa-Star and ADVANSA in cooperation with experts of sleep laboratories

Relax Smartpillow

Our aim is to develop innovations that offer our customers more sleep comfort. The Relax Smartpillow features patented technology* developed by Centa-Star and ADVANSA in close cooperation with Cityzen Sciences. Established in 2008, the French company Cityzen Sciences has specialised on the design and development of smart textiles and fabrics for health, safety, home and sports.

The textiles contain microsensors that allow to monitor temperature, heart rate, speed, location and acceleration of the person wearing the textile. Sleep laboratories and sleep experts contributed to incorporate the latest findings of sleep science into the smartphone app.

*Patent pending since 2015 – not granted as yet.






As producer in terms of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act ElektroG, we are registered in the German register for waste electric equipment (Stiftung-EAR) with the following registration number:
WEEE reg. no. DE 31994921

Centa-Star Bettwaren GmbH & Co. KG herewith declares that the radio equipment type Relax Smart Pillow iX21 complies with Directive 2014/53/EU. The complete text of the EU declaration of conformity is available under the following link: